School Growth Marketing System

School Marketing 101: Essential Strategies for Enrollment Growth | taught by Ralph Cochran

Course description

Competition among schools, academies and universities is on the increase. Some schools seem to be thriving in the new environment, but lots of schools are struggling to attract potential parents and new students. 

Would you like to know how to market your school more effectively, recruit more students and develop school marketing materials that work?

In this course, we’ll look at why traditional marketing tactics don't work, how inbound marketing techniques can attract mission appropriate families to your school, and how to attract those families with valuable content. 

You’ll also learn how to develop your own Buyer Personas and understand how they research school options and make their final selection. You will learn how to use marketing tactics and tools to generate leads and convert them into applicants. 

This course will empower you with basic school marketing strategies to help you grow enrollment.

What's included in Schola's School Growth Marketing System?


This is not a generic marketing course for any business or industry. Instead, the school marketing course features 5 learning modules that address the goals and challenges specific to the world of private school education. We understand your joys and trials and we speak the same language.


Mastermind members have direct access to the Schola staff and like-minded peers through our private Facebook Group. This is an online community where you'll ask questions and discuss marketing and admissions challenges. You'll get fresh ideas from Schola’s team and from other schools participating in the community as well.

Ralph Cochran, Schola team members, and special guests will appear for Facebook Live and webinar sessions on various topics regularly offering insights, tips, and tricks that will help you become better at marketing your school. 

This focused and thoughtful mastermind group will become a place you will come back to time and again to test your ideas and learn new strategies.


The Schola team hosts monthly live video conferences with all members to discuss current school marketing trends and topics. These are focused group coaching calls designed to address your challenges and opportunities. Attendees are able to submit questions and engage directly with our leaders.

Ralph Cochran
Ralph Cochran

Ralph is an eighteen-year veteran of implementing marketing and development growth strategies for private Christian schools, universities, and businesses. He is President of Schola, an inbound marketing agency committed to helping private schools grow enrollment. 

Due to his vast experience, Ralph has a reputation of correctly assessing a client’s situation and bringing an effective solution to the table. His fresh and practical ideas have increased enrollment and retention while growing revenue and fundraising at several private schools. So whether it is a retention plan, enrollment marketing plan, capital campaign, or annual fund, Ralph has used the most effective strategies to obtain results. He is passionate about helping schools overcome the “gap” in their budget through strategically growing enrollment in order that a school can become financially sustainable.